Your view: Thanks for making Easter egg hunt a success

I would like to thank our amazing team of partner organizations who helped to make the Special Needs and Open Easter Egg Hunts such a success on March 24. Thanks to the efforts of these wonderful people we put smiles on several hundred faces. A special thank you goes out to the South Wilkes-Barre Skyhawks […]

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Your view: Crestwood board looking in wrong place for cuts

On March 15, 2018, in a presentation by Superintendent Joseph Gorham, the Crestwood School Board revealed a plan to address a “financial crisis,” outlining district-wide changes, beginning with the realignment of the elementary buildings. This adjustment would increase transportation time for many of the district’s youngest students as well as decrease their instructional time. Citing […]

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Your view: Keep radar out of hands of local police

Cash cow – that’s what the Pennsylvania Legislature sees when they look at a safe driver. The highest gas tax in the country is not enough for the Legislature. The highest turnpike tolls in the country are not enough for the Legislature. They want more of your money, and are furiously trying to SB 251, […]

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Your view: Sinclair broadcasts troubling

On or about Easter weekend, most of the 193 local TV stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group said the exact same thing. The local stations reported that many news outlets are spreading fake news and that it is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This message is very similar to what President Donald Trump has been […]

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Trump opening the doors to corporate interests

President Donald Trump has claimed that he will “drain the swamp,” which seemingly represents a crusade against well-funded special interests that seek to advance their own greedy agendas. But given the current political climate of deregulation, the opposite of this has been happening. The doors are being swung open for corporate interests to pursue profit […]

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Your view: State falling short in funding education

In your recent article about Crestwood School District’s financial struggles, Superintendent Joseph Gorham could not have been more accurate when he identified the solution: “We need more funding from state government.” Crestwood is one of many school districts in Luzerne County and across the state that faces difficult decisions each year such as raising property […]

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Your voice: Citizenship question will cost us all

The U.S. Commerce Department recently announced it will include a new controversial question about citizenship status in the 2020 U.S. Census, despite bipartisan opposition to adding it in at the last minute. Don’t think this is just a big-city issue. Wilkes-Barre and surrounding communities will lose valuable federal aid because of undercounting as a result […]

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Your view: Bring common sense back to the country

My question is when is common sense going to make an appearance again in our once wonderful country. Hate and lies have seemed to take its place, and if we get used to it, we will pay for it in the long run. We have a president who has promised us so much and has […]

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Your view: County $5 car registration fee a joke

Luzerne County Council is once again entertaining notion of adding a $5 increase to the already high cost of registering a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania. This they’re telling us will be spent exclusively on repairing county-owned roads and bridges. What a farce! Remember a few years ago, Pennsylvania changed the fuel tax from a fixed […]

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Your view: Don’t miss Monday’s WBA board meeting

The Wilkes-Barre Area School Board may take at its Monday meeting the most educationally unsound, fiscally irresponsible, discriminatory action in its storied 100-year history – selecting a site for a new high school outside of Wilkes-Barre at the cost of $4.2 million. I base this opinion on its impact on the district’s most vulnerable students, […]

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