Review: Field of Screams will make you pay to get in and pray to get out

Field of Screams delivers one of the most consistently great haunted attractions. - Field of Screams

Field of Screams boasts four attractions: “Haunted Hayride,” “Nocturnal Wasteland,” “Frightmare Asylum” and “Den of Darkness.” In each of them, Field of Screams pulls out all the stops with amazing props, talented actors, and unforgettable experiences.

We kicked off the night riding “Haunted Hayride.” We arrived around closing time on opening night. Even though there weren’t a lot of people on the ride, you’d never know it based on how great the actors were. They played their parts perfectly, paying extra attention to the handful of visitors.

One of the highlights is the soundtrack that plays throughout. As the ride kicks off in the Slaughterhouse with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” the music cuts out and riders are attacked by human/pig hybrids. The tractor pulls away just before you are strung up with the pigs. From there, you’re led through a graveyard filled with restless souls, a greenhouse where you’re sprayed with pesticides, and a big-top filled with twisted clowns.

After we escaped the hayride, we took a jaunt through “Nocturnal Wasteland,” which is set in post-apocalyptic woods. You enter through an ice cream truck playing its usual, cheerful tunes. That cheerfulness comes to a quick end, though, as you move through twisted trailed, drain tunnels and other vehicles. One of those is a school bus still occupied by children.

A standout moment here is when your are surrounded by ghouls in a junk yard. Here, the actors use classic misdirection techniques: You will be separated from the rest of your group, and any security you felt clinging onto the person in front of you will go by the wayside. We loved it! It was our favorite part of Field of Screams.

From there, we ducked into “Frightmare Asylum,” one of two haunted houses. While the props are fantastic and the acting is great, it didn’t really offer any surprises. It’s your typical take on a haunted insane asylum. Certainly not bad, but not at the same caliber as its sister attractions.

“Den of Darkness” similarly features elaborate actors and props.

A psychic armed with the haunted house’s gruesome history welcomes you. As you enter through a hidden passage, you make you away through a closet before visiting a little girl’s room and then a filled-to-capacity morgue. You’ll crawl through a fireplace before crashing a ‘Great Gatsby’-style party in the living room.

We loved the one-liners here. “This is not entertainment!” one actor shrieked at us. Another asked: “Do you know what the best thing about ribs are?”

If scares aren’t your thing, Field of Screams boasts a midway filled with food, games and entertainment. Where else could you shoot some hoops with severed heads?

The punch line to the joke, by the way? “They break easy.”

Rating: 5 Coffins out of 5

Field of Screams delivers one of the most consistently great haunted attractions. of Screams delivers one of the most consistently great haunted attractions.Field of Screams

Field of Screams

Address: 191 College Ave., Mountville, PA

Details: or 717-285-7748

Attractions: Haunted Hayride, Nocturnal Wasteland, Frightmare Asylum, Den of Darkness, Extreme Blackout (Nov. 13 only)

Review date: September 11, 2015 (opening day)

Reviewers: Jeric Foulds, George Spohr