Bill Dixon staying on Plymouth Borough Council

By Geri Gibbons - For Times Leader
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PLYMOUTH — Bill Dixon, having withdrawn a request he made last month, will remain a member of Plymouth council.

Addressing about a dozen attendees of Sunday’s meeting, Dixon said that, in retrospect, leaving the council after a turbulent budget season, would go against everything he believed in.

“I’m always telling people not to give up, not to quit,” he said. “I couldn’t be a hypocrite.”

Council Vice President Frank Coughlin said he was very happy about Dixon’s decision to remain on council.

“I told you last month to stop back and give it some time,” he said.

Dixon said he had neighbors coming to his door asking that he not resign.

“Even my granddaughter asked me not to quit,” he said.

In another matter, borough resident and activist Scott Cannon addressed council requesting it pass a resolution in support of an independent citizens commission directing the process of redistricting in the state.

The state Supreme Court recently ruled that the present districts violate the state Constitution. The General Assembly has submitted a new plan to the governor.

Should the governor fail to approve the plan, the state Supreme Court will implement what it deems to be a fair redistricting plan.

Still, Cannon said, the current process it is simply a “temporary fix.”

The state will face yet another re-districting after the 2020 census.

“The time is now to put fair redistricting into place so our votes have better representation,” he said.

Solicitor Mike Kostelansky requested that Cannon submit the proposed resolution and an accompanying petition to the council for it consideration.

“I’m in agreement with the resolution. I think its fair, but we first want it reviewed by our solicitor,” said Coughlin. “We still have time to pass it next month.”

The borough also approved a $500,000 loan to compensate the police pension fund with a term of seven years.

“Sometimes the market takes a downturn, and we have to do something like this,” said Coughlin. “This will simply keep us current and in good standing with the state.”

The next meeting of council is scheduled for 1 p.m. on March 11.


By Geri Gibbons

For Times Leader

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Reach the Times Leader newsroom at 570-829-8242 or on Twitter @TLnews.