Man says he was assaulted with guitar at Wilkes-Barre punk show

WILKES-BARRE — A Carbondale man posted on Facebook Wednesday that a member of a band hit him in the head with a guitar while he was at a show in a Wilkes-Barre venue Monday night.

Jeffrey Esgro made the post midday on Wednesday, and it wasn’t long before his story was picked up by national metal music news site Metal Injunction.

Esgro said he was injured by a member of a band called Tourniquet — or sometimes TRNQT — who allegedly struck Esgro on the head with the edge of his guitar during a show at The Other Side, the music venue located within Bart and Urby’s, 119 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre.

Tourniquet was at the bar, opening for popular hardcore punk band Knocked Loose on Monday night. The band’s Facebook page shows it’s from New Jersey, but is not more specific about the location. Knocked Loose is based out of Kentucky.

Efforts to reach a member of the band and Esgro were unsuccessful on Wednesday.

A representative from Bart and Urby’s, who declined to be identified, said she’s been in contact with Esgro and can confirm that he was injured during the show. She said she did not see the incident occur, but from what she’s heard from other people, it did not seem the band was specifically targeting any individual in the crowd, but rather just injured Esgro in an act of carelessness.

The representative said Bart and Urby’s would be organizing a benefit show to help Esgro with his medical bills, but details have not been finalized. She said the band would not be allowed to perform, but the local hardcore scene would still be welcome at the bar.

Esgro’s post does not say which of the band’s members he thinks struck him, and the group’s Bandcamp page only identifies members by their first names or what seem like stage names.

‘Everything went black’

According to Esgro’s post, he was standing near the stage when he was suddenly struck.

“Bang! everything went black and I looked up and had blood running down my forehead with a 6 inch gash down the front of my head,” his post read.

Esgro wrote that he didn’t know what happened, other than that it was “one hell of an impact,” but he later realized a member of the band “spike(d) the corner of their guitar cash directly at the top of (his) head.”

The post says Esgro was rushed to Commonwealth Health Regional Hospital of Scranton by a friend that went to the show with him.

There, Esgro said he was told by doctors that he could have been left in a coma or dead, saying they told him the impact was harder than “a full swing from a wooden bat.”

The post said he was left with a $6,000 medical bill, along with a concussion and seven staples closing up the wound to his head. Esgro also posted gruesome photos of his injury.

After allegedly injuring Esgro, the band packed up and left the bar, but not before allegedly throwing their mic stands and guitars at the crowd, he writes. A video posted by another individual in the comments of Esgro’s post shows the band carelessly and seemingly violently tossing their instruments into the crowd. However, the vantage point doesn’t show Esgro.

Esgro theorizes the alleged attack came when the band wasn’t “satisfied with the crowd’s energy.”

Esgro’s post said his experience was unlike anything else he had ever seen in the hardcore punk scene.

“I’ve been part of the hardcore scene for about 10 years now and I’ve never once witnessed anything like this let alone experience it,” he wrote.

After his injury, a woman gave him a towel to wipe the blood to stop the bleeding, Esgro wrote.

Jeffrey Esgro posted this photo on social media, claiming he was injured by a member of hardcore punk band Tourniquet during a show at The Other Side Monday night. Esgro posted this photo on social media, claiming he was injured by a member of hardcore punk band Tourniquet during a show at The Other Side Monday night.


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