Our view: A fitting tribute for cycling enthusiast

October 6th, 2017 4:15 pm

Diamonds to Leigh Pawling and everyone at Wet Paint in Wilkes-Barre for memorializing the late bicycle business man Tom Jones. Pawling painted a picture of Jones onto the side of the Wet Paint building, where he joined a group of two dimensional cyclist forever on the road in a sweeping mural. This space paid homage to Jones, co-owner of Around Town Bicycles, in August after he died of cancer at age 56, noting “His goal was never to sell a bike, but to sell the best experience you could get by riding one.” The painting a fitting tribute to a man who made his love of cycling infectious.

Coal to Mother Nature Vegan Cuisine food truck owner Delinda Jensen, and to those who threatened her. Jensen posted an inapt, insensitive and inane remark on her Facebook page regarding the shooting deaths in Las Vegas. She admitted afterwards that it was “poorly written,” but there is no “well written” way to convey the sentiment she expressed when she announced that the 59 people killed in Vegas meant animals bred for food would live. That said, she did not deserve the violent threats she received. It was a textbook case of just how anti-social (and dangerous) social media can become. Jensen did serious disservice to the vegan and vegetarian cause — worthwhile and well-meaning when embraced by non-zealots. She deserved sanction, not death threats.

Diamonds to U.S. Senator Bob Casey, D-Scranton, and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for efforts to curb robocalls deliberately designed to deceive the recipient, and to toughen laws against telephone scammers. Both are insipid practices by unscrupulous actors hoping to trick someone into believing an incoming call comes from someone they may trust or expect to hear from. Marketing calls are irritating enough when the person on the other line is up front about their intentions; they sink to the level of vile when the caller uses chicanery to get what they want.

Coal to Hanover Area School Board for refusing to answer a fair question from a part-time secretary who learned she was losing her job. After 15 years with the district, Nancy Karpovich asked a simple question during Wednesday’s board meeting: Why was she and another part-time secretary being dismissed while a full-time secretary was being hired at considerably more cost to a cash-strapped district. Karpovich accused the board of making the move to give the job to a friend of Board President John Mahle. No one on the board gave an answer. Karpovich — and all district taxpayers — deserved more information.

Diamonds , or at least a cubic zirconia, to the Dallas School District teacher union for returning to the classroom earlier than state law required. Here’s hoping both sides can build in this small gesture of good will and settle their disagreements.

Coal to the lawmakers in Harrisburg who continue to neglect their responsibilities and let another week go by without a complete state budget. You are all a discredit to the Keystone State.

Leigh Pawling works on adding Tom Jones to the cyclist mural on the side of Wet Paint in South Wilkes-Barre. Aimee Dilger | Times Leader
https://www.timesleader.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/web1_TTL100417Feature2.jpgLeigh Pawling works on adding Tom Jones to the cyclist mural on the side of Wet Paint in South Wilkes-Barre. Aimee Dilger | Times Leader