Letter to the Editor: A vote for Donald Trump doesn’t make sense for this thinking American

August 3rd, 2016 6:32 pm

Let’s take Donald Trump at his word. Words and deeds, after all, are the measure of a person.

It took Mr. Trump an inordinately long time to figure out the birthplace and religion of our president, this in spite of the facts presented him. Mr. Trump saw thousands of Muslims rejoicing in New Jersey as the World Trade Center’s towers fell on 9/11. He is alone in this dark vision; no one seems to corroborate his assertion.

He believes that a person’s heritage makes him/her fit or unfit to hold office or perform their job properly. He will build a wall. He will ban Muslims from entering our country. He will encourage violence against those who disagree with him and then pay the legal fees afterward.

What could possibly go wrong with a Trump presidency?

By his own admission, he admires the leadership style of despots (Vladimir Putin, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-un). He will weigh the individual merits of our NATO allies and review their accounts receivable, prior to honoring our NATO commitments. He will advocate for torture of others in order to keep us safe. He is deeply concerned for the physical appearance of women; and those who do not measure up (Carly Fiorina) should not hold public office.

He will renegotiate our trade deals, and if necessary start a trade war with China – all this, in order to bring jobs back to America. He was against raising the minimum wage before he was for it. If it is politically expedient, he will encourage foreign powers to spy on his political adversaries. He states that he alone will stop crime, gun violence and terrorism, while uniting a fractured America.

For some people reading this letter, these are compelling reasons to vote for Trump. This is his appeal and who he is. Real problems exist in our country, but I am left wondering if this businessman, known for self-promotion, is really the answer to our country’s problems.

Let’s make America think again.

Alec Frank