Your view: US Postal Service loses one of its best

March 3rd, 2017 4:26 pm

The United States Postal Service has lost one of its best.

I worked with Joe Lloyd for 20 years and never knew a more dedicated, devoted individual. He was always ready to fill in for anyone, at anytime.

We would actually tease him about the fact he never really slept well. He would wait for the call from the office with one foot in bed, one foot on the floor and his hand on the phone.

Joe never seemed to be affected by the volume of mail, weather conditions or change of management. In 45 years, he missed one day of work. When asked about a date of retirement, his response was, “When I think I have had enough.”

We will miss his huge golf umbrella as he walked down the street in the pouring rain. His customers will miss his reliability, his service and that unmistakable laugh.

Rest in peace, Joe.

Fran Spencer