Your view: Some question for Pa.’s legislators

August 20th, 2017 4:39 pm

Pennsylvania legislators, please answer my questions.

Why have my county taxes increased again and again?

Why am I paying for a levee fee, which now has been increased? W

hy whatever utility company requests a rate increase to the PUC it’s granted?

Why are you all at a standstill about increasing the minimum wage?

Why am I still paying property taxes when it was voted on by John Q. Public to have profits from the Mohegan Sun to take care this?

Why when a school district requests an increase (each year) it’s granted?

Why am I paying for an emissions test per each vehicle inspection when there are lawn tractors, snow blowers, etc, that give off emission?

Why is the Turnpike Commission increasing tolls every year?

Why do you legislator’s avoid addressing these issues or haven’t you noticed its killing are counties, cities and towns?

Take a stroll down any street in any neighborhood, and all you see are “for sale” signs. People cannot continue to pay, especially people on a fixed income. Taxes, fees and rate increases are draining whatever income we have, and wage increases have been stagnant for years.

It’s time to work for the people who voted to get you your seat. Remember, you are all getting payed by tax payer dollars. .

Thomas A. Stambaugh Sr.