Your view: Speak out against work-zone speed cameras

September 12th, 2017 5:42 pm

State HB 1748 calls for speed cameras in highway work zones in order to gain a predictable flood of revenue into Harrisburg.

The premise of HB 1748 is false: there is no epidemic of speeding and no crisis of highway workers being mowed down by crazed drivers run amok. The fact is that 25 percent of the PennDOT workers killed in work-zone fatalities since 1970 were due to passing civilian vehicles. Through 2014, that is 21 fatalities by passing vehicles in 45 years, or one about every 2.14 years.

Blatantly false and misleading data is provided by PennDOT, the camera makers, their lobbyists and the rest of the automated-enforcement interests.

The true data show that 75 percent of the PennDOT workers killed were killed in accidents with other workers or work machinery. If PennDOT actually wants a program to reduce the number of PennDOT workers killed, wouldn’t it make sense to go after the 75 percent killed inside the work zones by other workers first?

Don’t go for the “it’s for safety” lie. It is only for the money, for the politicians and the vendors. There are free and effective ways to improve actual safety in work zones.

The pro-automated-tax people are going after work-zone safety in a poor way. One that is more likely to raise significant amounts of money than to actually improve safety. Reject speed cameras in Pennsylvania highway work zones. Re-engineer the work zones for safety instead. Tell your senator and representative to vote no on HB 1748.

Tom McCarey

Member, National Motorists Association