Your view: Change unfair school, municipal tax system

September 13th, 2017 5:16 pm

Dick and Jane build a home.

Dick dies suddenly. Jane continues working. It does seem unfair to Jane, however, that since her income has been cut in half (also lost her healthcare) her property taxes remain the same.

Jane resigns from her job due to health problems. She is no longer able to work full time and resigns herself to receiving widows’ benefits while working a part-time job without benefits.

Jane now receives 25 percent of her and Dick’s previous combined income and pays for her health insurance. With this additional reduction in Jane’s income, her property taxes become increasingly burdensome.

Doesn’t it make more sense to base municipal and school taxes on our ability to earn at any given time, instead of being based on some random assessment of the property we own? As people’s earning capabilities change, so should their tax burdens. Many of Jane’s friends make more money than her but pay less in property taxes.

Jane hopes she won’t have to use her 401K to pay her taxes. She doesn’t mind sacrificing; however, motivation is sorely lacking to sacrifice for the sake of an unfair and poorly administered tax system which is sabotaging the goal of home ownership for many working class families.

Action is needed. As legislators continue to debate and procrastinate, how many senior citizens, lower-income families and simply those down on their luck will wonder if this is the year they will lose their homes?

Joan Luksa