Your view: Shame on Barletta for vote

September 15th, 2017 6:40 pm

I was so disappointed to once again see that my congressman, Lou Barletta, last week voted in favor of turning federal lands in Alaska into killing fields.

With his “yes” vote, he has now sanctioned unspeakable killing methods on National Park Service lands in Alaska – lands that had been federally protected for noble reasons. Now these sanctuaries will become places where it’s okay to massacre helpless wolf pups in their dens if Rep. Barletta gets his way.

This vote comes just a few months after Congressman Barletta also voted in favor of H.J.R. 69, which allowed similar practices on national wildlife refuges in Alaska. Yes, wildlife refuges.

And for what reason? This wasn’t a hunting issue, a gun issue or a state’s rights issue – after all, most Alaskans oppose these methods. This came down to basic moral decency, and Congressman Barletta failed this test. Shame on you, Congressman.

There have been enough attacks on our public lands lately. It’s time to protect the values we hold dear in designating these lands as national preserves and to not allow them to become places of senseless cruelty.

Brenda Mowery