Your view: Keep White Haven Center open

September 24th, 2017 5:51 pm

Today there is an effort to close the White Haven Center.

For those who need it — they don’t want it — they need it.

I remember taking kids out to fly a kite or watch someone fly a kite, blow bubbles or just sit there and simply watch. I worked in Pocono Hall for the severe and profound multiply handicapped. Some could not eat. I fed the first person through a tube in her stomach.

Steve Urban believes they should have ice cream, take a van and go out to eat.

So I say, Stephen, you can pick up four individuals and put them in a van. You might need two people two help you lift the wheelchairs.

But there you are at McDonald’s. Well, I guess you have to unload them, push them in and get them ice cream. And let’s see you feed them.

Feed them one at a time because they need assistance. And don’t forget to clean them up. Perhaps after the travel, they need a diaper change, but you can change the four diapers.

And when you are finished, load them into your van and then unload them when they get home. And that is for ice cream. You don’t have to take them for dinner, Stephen, because I know you can’t handle that.

Pocono Hall was considered the most difficult place to work, and I figured out why: The staff picked up over a ton and a half in the morning … and that was before breakfast.

So, Steve, you want to save money? We are talking about loved human beings who deserve a loving place to live — the White Haven Center.

Dr. Bob Washick