Your view: Show respect for flag, anthem

September 25th, 2017 6:11 pm

Seeing how people, especially in the sports world, are refusing to stand for the national anthem is very disrespectful.

I can understand what those that returned from the Viet Nam war must have felt. I almost wish I never served nine years in the Army for these people.

I do respect people having the right to protest but not during the national anthem. There are other times when it can be done using peaceful ways. I would like to see people who feel like I do take a stand to show these big cry babies this will not be tolerated.

Send letters to your congressmen showing your support for respecting the national anthem. You may not agree with everything that is happening in this country, but the flag and the anthem represents the blood which has been shed so you can protest.

After seeing all of this, I will only take a bullet for those who show respect. For all other cases, I will duck. They are not worth it.

Charles Davis

Wright Township