Your view: Thanks to first responders, staff at St. Luke’s

September 28th, 2017 5:43 pm

We would like to offer our sincere heartfelt thanks to supervisory and working staff at St. Luke’s Villa for all their efforts.

On Friday September 8 at noon, we experienced a fire on the 3rd floor. Automatic sprinklers did their job .

Lack of power to elevators, lights, telephone and many other functions were prevalent. The staff immediately checked to make sure all 119 residents were accounted for and assembled at a common location.

After authorities verified that the building was safe and that relocation was not necessary, we were allowed to stay and make the best of trying conditions while repairs were made.

Many thanks to all the city officials, contractors and vendors that helped to restore our home to its original condition.

To all, take a bow for a job well done under unexpected and stressful circumstances.

Our personal thanks,

Joan and Tom Hudak

Personal help residents

St. Luke’s Villa