Your view: Time to take a stand on national anthem

October 2nd, 2017 5:53 pm

If the vicious, traitorous football players still refuse to stand for the national anthem and the liberal, hippie NFL owners refuse to fire these malcontent players, then it is the duty of all Americans to boycott the NFL.

Burn your jerseys and walk out of the stadium as our president advises.

Only liberal, flag-hating, anti-American, left-wing Democrats will be found at football games any more.

Moreover, and more important, in demonstrating its patriotism and dedication to the United States, Fox should immediately cancel its contract with the NFL. It may cost them billions, but one cannot put a price on patriotism.

And if Fox does not cancel its contract with the NFL, it will reveal itself as the liberal, progressive wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing spreading fake news, it has always been suspected of being.

Bob Wallace