Your view: Troubling times indeed

October 10th, 2017 6:12 pm - updated: 7:57 pm.

The headline on Monday’s sports section should read: Vice President Mike Pence protests free speech by leaving Colts-49s game.

He exited the stadium apparently overwhelmed and unable to process the peaceful demonstration and expression of discontent from his fellow Americans. It is his right.

Meanwhile, the nation is trying to process the worst mass shooting in its history. The EPA continues to be dismantled and women are losing access to birth control. The status of hundreds of thousands of young adults known as “dreamers” is up for grabs. And President Donald Trump still wants to build his wall. Healthcare is falling apart, and no one really understands the impact of Trump’s tax reform proposals.

All of this while North Korea looms on the horizon, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson may or may not have called the president a moron.

We should choose our battles wisely. This may simply be the calm before the storm.

Alec Frank