Your view: NFL players disrespect our fallen heroes


I could not have helped noticing that on the very same day that the Fort Jenkins Bridge in Pittston was renamed the Dale Kridlo Bridge, many players in the NFL knelt during the playing of our national anthem.

Dale Kridlo was killed in action in Afghanistan, and the millionaire bums showed their disrespect by spitting in the faces of those who gave their lives so they could show their hatred of a country which enabled them to become wealthy.

Instead of being called martyrs by the liberal media, those ingrates should be told to kneel at the flag-draped coffins that are brought back to this country for burials.

The cowardice of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL owners is reprehensible, considering their refusal to allow Dallas Cowboy players to display decals on their helmets following the killing of five police officers in that city.

When will the madness end? I am afraid it will only get worse. Let us pray.

Ralph Rostock