Your view: Use common sense to make highways safer


A reminder to the Pennsylvania Legislature: There is no crisis of speeders, red light runners, drivers mowing down school bus riders, nor drivers generally running amok.

Festering in assorted committees are various anti-driver/anti-safety bills: putting ineffective and inaccurate speed cameras in highway work zones; putting ineffective and inaccurate speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia as a prelude to blanketing the state with speed cameras; giving RADAR and LIDAR to local cops.

None of these bills will make the highways safer, in fact, they may make the highways more dangerous.

Using best practice highway engineering will make Pennsylvania’s roads safer and save lives, and do it for free. Setting speed limits at the safest speed, i.e., the 85th percentile speed; designing work zones for safety; synchronizing the boulevard’s signals and putting the cross walks underground. Give these a try and jettison revenue-raising bills.

The elections are not that far away, and drivers have long memories.We follow the money to find the truth. Promote real highway safety in Pennsylvania.

Tom McCarey


National Motorists Association