Your view: Vote out WBA incumbents on election day


With election day fast approaching, it is imperative that everyone in the Wilkes-Barre Area School District realize that getting to the polls and voting against incumbent school board members Ned Evans, Denise Thomas and Joe Caffrey is of primary importance.

The re-election of these three incompetents would be an unmitigated disaster for our school system, our communities and our students.

The decisions of this board have created total mayhem within our schools, committing the district to implementation of a delusional and counterintuitive consolidation plan that includes a new construction project which we simply cannot afford.

Furthermore, these decisions have been rendered without public opinion, while ignoring any offers for renovation estimates on the two high schools. All of this resulting in the shameful waste of millions of dollars on closing of part of Coughlin, the renovation of Mackin school, architectural feasibility studies, blueprint designs, new site preparation and environmental testing.

This waste in turn has made the district’s fiscal position extremely precarious, turning a surplus into a significant deficit. And the academic performance level of our students continues to drastically decline.

Meanwhile, spending in other areas such as administrative salaries and benefits has increased dramatically, while property taxes have risen to the highest in the county with end in no sight. Needless to say the tainted trio of Evans/Thomas/Caffrey have gleefully voted without remorse for every bit of this agenda.

All of which begs the questions: Why has taxpayer accountability been tossed overboard by these directors, why is this new school project being jammed down the taxpayers’ throats and how can anyone in their right mind vote for any of these people?

On Nov. 7, please vote for John Suhoski (Independent), Missy Patla (Democrat) and me (Independent).

Sam Troy