Your view: Advertisers make Hannity change his principles

Now even Sean Hannity is calling for Roy Moore to pull out of the race for Senate in Alabama.

What, in the scheme of things, does that mean for the campaign to elect Judge Roy Moore? Moore is the judge who refused to follow the rulings of the Alabama Supreme Court and the U. S. Superior Court and the US Supreme Court, in the removing of some Civil War statues.

But Sean Hannity has made his final decree in demanding that Moore step down and abandon his campaign for the senatorial seat. Sean Hannity defended Moore right up until several companies who sponsored Hannity’s shows pulled their ads. That’s the point at which Hannity switched sides and decided that money was more important than his support for Moore.

As for Hannity, he claims that everyone has a right to be considered innocent, at least until the supporters begin to pull their ads. Now that’s what I call sticking to your guns. Never turn your back on what is right as long as it’s popular and financially profitable. And if you must choose between the two, profit wins out every time.

Sean Hannity will stand tall in the annals of history for hard blows. Sean blows hard for justice right up until it has a cost to himself. Still you must agree, Sean is a blowhard. Something we Americans desperately need. For where would America be without its blowhards throughout history?

Ed Cole

Clarks Summit