Your view: Shop humanely this holiday season


Animals are not born to be our shoes, handbags, coats, down pillows, furniture and a host of other products.

Animals killed for these items are suffocated, painfully gassed, anally electrocuted, shot, bludgeoned to death and often skinned alive. There are vegan alternatives to wearing animals, and they are readily available with the click of a mouse or in various stores.

Most of us grew up wearing animal skins, but we can change and make this a more compassionate world for our fellow earthlings. This holiday season, let’s urge others to get fur, wool, down, angora, leather, silk and all other products that kill animals off of their shopping lists.

For more information go to PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing at

Silvie Pomicter

Voice Of The Animals

Chinchilla, Pa. 18410