Your view: Pass on fur and faux fur this holiday season


If one truly cares about animals, do not purchase or wear any items made from fur or so-called “faux fur.”

The retail industry has initiated a marketing attempt to lure customers into purchasing fake furs. However, the wearing of these imitations still suggests that it is socially acceptable to garnish ones self with a product representing the death of many animals, as well as their suffering and misery before they died.

Wild fur-bearing animals having the misfortune to be caught in a steel-jaw, leg-hold trap suffer from so much excruciating pain that they frequently chew off a limb to escape. The trapped animal often perishes from hunger,thirst, exposure to severe weather or from being attacked by a predator. Leg hold traps are such cruel instruments of torture that they have been banned in over 60 countries. Domestic animals such as dogs are also victims of this method.

Fur-bearing animals forced to exist on fur farms live in barren, wire-bottom cages and are exposed to all types of weather and vermin. They are fed exclusively a mixture of slaughter house waste and bug killers. Killing methods used on fur ranches are not regulated by law.

The processing of fur is detrimental to the environment.

Don’t support animal suffering. Boycott all companies selling furs and faux furs, and let managers know why you will not shop in their stores. There are many natural warm fabrics available in outer wear.

This holiday season please consider humane shopping. How can the suffering and death of another living species make one feel more attractive? Shopping and wearing garments with compassion in mind will help prevent the slaughter of innocent creatures for human vanity.

Patricia Marks