Your view: A beacon of light in Washington, D.C.

December 16th, 2017 1:43 pm

Washington, D.C, is a cesspool consumed by ineptness, greed and corruption.

The majority of Americans are disgusted with the current political climate. We are more divided today than any time since the Vietnam War. There is anger and disillusionment over the decadence brought about by the collapse of the Judeo-Christian principles that guided the United States for more than 200 years.

On Nov 17, 2017, America received a tremendous gift of philanthropy given by Steve Green the owner of Hobby Lobby. Green was given this project by the Lord Jesus Christ to build the Museum of the Bible just three blocks from the U.S Capitol. Washington, D.C, is a modern day Babylon intent on dismantling our Christian heritage and values by replacing them with a humanistic secular philosophy.

The Museum of the Bible represents an opportunity to re-establish the Bible as a permanent fixture in American culture. Although non-believers are appalled at having the Bible museum at the center of power, God’s power and glory will shine through this magnificent accomplishment.

Steven Green stated that the museum was to educate and not evangelize. Whether or not it was Mr. Green’s intent I believe God will use this museum to evangelize a revival of personal commitment to Christ.

Until recently the Bible existed as the most coherent, the most widely respected and the most influential means in which Americans ordered their everyday existence. It provided us with faith, hope and love in a complex world. The Museum of the Bible will be a beacon of light in a nation that has lost its way. A nation’s well-being depends on objective knowledge of God’s truth.

Bill Sarnak