Your view: Christmas is a holy day, ‘pure and simple’

December 24th, 2017 11:40 am

Yes, Virginia, there is a Christ Child; although, there are those among us of a worldly mind who would have you believe otherwise; who concede that while Christmas is an occasion of merriment and festivity, it is, after all, that and only that; a holiday, pure and simple.

Yet, before there was tinsel or trim, there was a stable, sparse and unadorned, except for the most magnificent of guests. Before there were garlands or glitter, there was a star with light enough for the whole world.

Before there were ribbons or wreaths, there was a love that encircled sinner and innocent, alike. Before there was music or hymns, there was a song in the night whose sacred strains are played today in the quiet corners of the heart, if one would only be still and hear.

Before there were carols and choirs, there was a lullaby, softly sung by a virgin to her newborn son and sovereign Lord. Before there were favors or gifts, there was the solitary treasure of peace come to a contentious earth from Heaven on High.

So you see, Virginia, Christmas is the commemoration of the birth of Christ, savior and king. It is a glorious day, one of great joy. It is a holy day, pure and simple and unique in all of time.

Mary Lynch