Your view: A Christmas season to remember

December 31st, 2017 6:35 pm

We have just completed 2017.

I have pleasant memories to relate. I have met and talked to the Polish Pope during his last years of pontificate. We have elected Donald Trump as our president. I became friends with our local Mennonites.

During this Christmas season our church group had dinner and fellowship. Each person was given the most beautiful nativity set from Iorio Jewelers.

The vigil Christmas Mass was most pleasing and edifying to all. Father Duane Gavitt, our pastor, led us in an excellent manner. There was a live nativity with a real baby as Jesus, Blessed Mother and St. Joseph looked lifelike, as did the shepherds.

An outstanding feature were the ballet dancers that performed for Jesus. The carol singing was so beautiful to all. This all took place to an overflowing, appreciative congregation in the historic church.

Before the Christmas season, I had been in the General hospital and a nursing home receiving excellent care. While there, my neighbor came to my house twice a day for three months to feed and look after my four cats.

Now we have EWTN that I listen to daily. The Dominican nuns of Ann Arbor, Mich., put out records. One in particular brought tears to my eyes. This order of nuns is getting so many vocations they have to put an addition on their convent.

I must mention that my twin sister had one family for the polish meal.

Thank God, Dear Lord Jesus, for everything.

Frank Mrufchinksi