Your view: Understanding government shutdowns


What does the term “government shutdown” mean to you?

It could mean the federal government is being run by a bunch of incompetents, or it could mean the Pennsylvania Legislature is at it again. Either one would be correct. You see, neither group seems able to draft a budget that will actually pass its own two chambers.

In Washington, the party in power is unwilling to actually consider the wishes of the party that used to be in power and will most assuredly will be again. Not to be outdone the Pennsylvania legislative leaders will not negotiate with the other party, which will never become the majority party so long as gerrymandering exists.

The good thing about this arrangement is that people will suffer, but not the legislators. They will continue to receive their monthly allotment of cash on time while many other less important humans get laid off, and the country and state wind up loosing money faster than they can count it.

But the good thing is that taxpayers will be expected to pay for the costs of shutting down the government. So you see, all’s well that ends well, as the saying goes.

In the meantime, that law you hoped to be passed won’t happen, and the regular business of the Congress and state legislature won’t get done, but both groups will explain the holdup is because of the minority party.

Does this explain the situation adequately?

Ed Cole

Clarks Summit