Your view: Legalized marijuana is a bad idea


The statement in the article about Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale advocating for the legalization of marijuana, noting that the “train is steaming down the tracks full bore,” is probably correct.

Our legislators are probably drooling over the possibility of a new sin tax to fund their pet projects.

However, this writer is confused about the “social benefits” that the auditor general says would result. To the contrary, we learned a few days ago that we hit a new high in overdose deaths in Luzerne County in 2017.

One in seven pot users become addicts, and it is well established that pot is a gateway drug into the powerful substances that are killing people and ruining lives. The costs of dealing with those issues are probably a few years down the road and won’t affect an old guy like me.

All I will have to worry about in addition to drunk drivers is stoned drivers.

Jack Dunn