Your view: No excuse for coyote hunts

Coyotes, greatly revered by Navajo herders who call them “God’s Dog,” are tragically the most persecuted and demonized predator in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the state, coyotes are being brutally slaughtered in killing contests for money. They have the same DNA as our beloved dogs, and one would go to jail if they killed a neighbor’s dog.

It is bad enough they are tortured, but some hunters use hound dogs, which is done by the cruelest, blood thirsty among hunters. Typically, hunters will wound coyotes in the leg area, so the hounds can easily catch up with them, and the hounds tear them apart.

Killing coyotes is not done for reasons of nuisance, but that is used as an excuse to keep the deer populations high, so the sport/trophy hunters — a small minority of state citizens — will have an excess of deer to kill in the coming hunting season.

Coyotes serve important natural roles as scavengers and predators, controlling rodents, killing fawns and keeping deer populations in check. The Pennsylvania Game Commission and hunters always say that their services are necessary to reduce the deer population because the deer have no natural predators.

However, coyotes are deer predators, so why are they trying to slaughter all of the coyotes in the state?

This is a merciless killing blood sport, and there is no reason to kill them, as they are a self-regulating species, and a vital part of the eco system, designed by a force far greater than us.

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Silvie Pomicter