Your view: Christmas decoration thief can have remote too


My family and I reside in the Lyndwood section of Hanover Township, a working class neighborhood with a lot of good neighbors.

We had apparently left our Christmas decorations out a bit too long, as our unique lighted wreath peace sign was taken from our front porch sometime last week. We put together this decoration ourselves, and it brought many compliments.

We hope the person responsible for this theft will get many coming years of enjoyment from it.

The wreath also has a remote control that can regulate the brightness and pattern of light, but that was and is still at our house. We are asking the person to stop by, and we will gladly give them the control so they can get the full effects of the decorations.

Our prayers go out to this person and their family and may God bless them and keep them healthy and safe.

John Zapotok

Hanover Township