Your view: Sinclair broadcasts troubling


On or about Easter weekend, most of the 193 local TV stations owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group said the exact same thing.

The local stations reported that many news outlets are spreading fake news and that it is extremely dangerous to our democracy. This message is very similar to what President Donald Trump has been saying, and it gave the listeners the impression that Trump is correct regarding NBC and CNN reporting fake news.

Actually, Fox is guilty of more “fake news” than the other stations. Sinclair has faced scrutiny from media critical for the conservative slant of their stations’ news reporting. Locally, it owns WOLF, WSWB, WQMY and other affiliates.

Fact checking, done by unbiased sources, has indicated that our president has set new records regarding lies, half-truths and exaggerations.

What’s really disconcerting is that he refuses to do anything to reduce Russia’s cyber attacks, which is a major threat to our national security. Also, the president develops national policy based on what he hears on Fox, instead of CIA reports and from his Cabinet, and is another reason his supporters are having second thoughts.

Recently, the FCC changed a 1970s law thereby making it easier for one corporation to own many media outlets. Since Sinclair is in the process of buying 40 more local stations, it appears that the FCC may not stop it.

One must wonder if there is some connection between Sinclair’s support of Trump and his penchant for deregulation, as in the FCC ruling. Many feel we’re becoming an oligarchy similar to Russia. Now our concern is that the media will eventually be controlled by one political party, the party with many billionaire backers who can afford to buy many media outlets.

Joe Czarnecki