Your view: Keep radar out of hands of local police


Cash cow – that’s what the Pennsylvania Legislature sees when they look at a safe driver.

The highest gas tax in the country is not enough for the Legislature. The highest turnpike tolls in the country are not enough for the Legislature.

They want more of your money, and are furiously trying to SB 251, authorizing radar/lidar for municipal police, and SB 172, authorizing speed cameras in work zones, in order to put speed traps on every road in Pennsylvania. It’s a scam. To get more of your money.

There is no crisis of “speeding.” This hoax is being promoted by the special interests who profit mightily from traffic enforcement. SB 251 and SB 172 criminalize drivers for driving the safest speed, which is the 85th percentile speed. Traffic and transportation engineers use the 85th percentile speed as a guide to set the speed limit at a safe speed, minimizing crashes and promoting uniform traffic flow along a corridor.

Title 75, Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code, mandates that limits be set at the 85th percentile speed. Yet, most of the time, limits are underposted to make it easier to write tickets and take your money.

SB 251 and SB 172 make it easy to steal tens of millions of dollars from you, the cash cow. That’s what the special interests and some in the Legislature want, and it has nothing to do with highway safety.

Tell your representative and senator that you are on to the scam and won’t stand for it. Demand that they vote no on SB 251 and SB 172.

Tom McCarey

National Motorists Association