Your view: Volunteers vital to our community organizations


Volunteers are often the unsung heroes of charitable organizations.

These caring individuals find joy and fulfillment in giving to others and expect nothing in return. They provide invaluable services to those in need, and often serve as ambassadors by engaging their families, friends and neighbors to further fulfill an organization’s mission. The evident passion and commitment of engaged volunteers separates average organizations from those that achieve great success.

At Geisinger, we view volunteers as essential members of the Geisinger family. From July 2016, through June 2017, more than 1,000 Geisinger volunteers gave more than 80,000 hours of their time to support our mission of caring. The value of this gift of time and talent is calculated to be nearly $2 million, but it is truly priceless, because they make such a difference every day for our patients and their families.

Please join me in recognizing the wonderful contributions volunteers make to Geisinger and other community-focused organizations in our region. Thank them for making our communities a better place to live. And if you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, please visit to learn more about opportunities near you.

Tina McDowell

Director, Volunteer Services