Your view: Looking for information on Good Friday Bombings


A few weeks ago marked the 82nd anniversary of a very sad day in this area’s history.

On Good Friday, April 10, 1936, a tragic series of events unfolded in the Wyoming Valley, which became known as “The Good Friday Bombings.”

Six packages containing cigar box bombs were mailed to Thomas Maloney of Georgetown, Michael Gallagher of Hanover Township, Harry Goulstone of Kingston, Judge Benjamin Jones of Wilkes-Barre, sheriff and funeral director Luther Kniffen of Wilkes-Barre and James Gorman of Hazleton.

Sadly, on that Good Friday, Thomas Maloney opened the first package, wounding him, his son and daughter. He and his son died from their wounds, and his daughter survived. Later in the day, Michael Gallagher also opened a package, which killed him instantly and wounded his son-in-law Clinton Lehman.

Ultimately, Michael Fugmann of Hanover Township was arrested, tried, convicted and put to death for the crime.

In Fugmann’s defense, the names of Big Joe Danowski and Big Tony Denovige were also mentioned. I am a member of the local historical societies and am interested in researching this historical event.

If anyone has any information on the Good Friday Bombings of 1936, any of the people involved or are relatives of these people please contact the Nanticoke Historical Society at [email protected] or by calling (570) 258-1367 or myself at (570) 606-8443.

Mike Chmiola

Member, Nanticoke Historical Society