Your view: Green Party not reason Clinton lost


Shame on WYOU for running a segment smearing the Green Party and Jill Stein. The Green Party has existed for decades without the assistance of Russia. Jill Stein has explained her visit to Russia as promoting peace, nuclear disarmament and expressing climate concerns.

People of this country have been calling for a new party. Many are not satisfied with the two-party stranglehold of our elections. The Green Party is one of larger third parties along with the Libertarians to offer voters an additional choice.

This piece on WYOU is nothing more than an attempt to marginalize the efforts of concerned citizens who vote for candidates who share their beliefs. As such, this is an attempt at propaganda that exceeds Russia’s alleged meddling in our elections.

Claiming that Hillary Clinton lost by the margin of Stein’s vote tally is ludicrous. Clinton didn’t win 100 percent of the other votes. How can they believe all of these votes would have gone to Clinton?

The real solution to tampering is the use of paper ballots, optical scanners and random hand-count audits to assure accuracy should be employed.

Jay Sweeney

Falls Township