Your view: Politicians, media let us all down


I am an American. I am a veteran, and by party, I am a Democrat.

However, I feel we have politicians in both parties that spend 10 percent of their time in office doing what they were elected to do and 40 percent of their time earning money or working toward that goal. The rest of their time is spent trying to get re-elected to build their power base.

As for the media they spend 2 percent of their time finding a story and 90 percent of their time telling it over and over and over and over. I haven’t figured out yet what they are doing the other 8 percent, but fear it is nothing that would impress us or educate us.

To further explain my concern for the country I fought to preserve is simple. It has been a fact for decades that unless the news is very sensational from one state to the other it never gets around.

However, it is evident that recently even that news is lost in today’s game of “air it first.”

We for the past few days have a very important state suffering earthquakes and a large volcano, and I doubt if it has earned an hour coverage. I think in light of the possibilities of this event it deserves more coverage and therefore more time. Having breaking news 3 and 4 hours after it was first aired is in fact no longer breaking news.

John T Banks