Your view: Show nurses support in contract fight


Since last year, nurses at the Moses Taylor and First hospitals have been engaged in protracted negotiations with the hospital owner, Commonwealth Health Systems. The negotiations have centered on critical staffing shortages and staff turnover.

In the past month, in both this paper and other local media, the nurses have detailed what those staffing shortages and turnover mean for patients.

Catherine Cooney, a registered nurse in labor and delivery at the Moses Taylor, said she “cringes” every time she gets pulled to another floor, nervous about exposing newborn babies to germs when she returns.

Nurses at Moses Taylor and First hospitals held a one-day strike April 25 following more than a dozen unproductive negotiating sessions with CHS, and now, CHS is threatening to impose its final contract offer that the nurses have already rejected twice for its failure to address their concerns about staffing shortages and patient safety.

Show the nurses you support them and that you also care about patient safety by letting CHS know you think patients should come before profits at

Marlee Stefanelli


Action Together NEPA