Your view: Nothing has been done to protect our children


Nothing is being done to protect our school children.

President Donald Trump is “with them,” whatever that means.

The truth is, he and the National Rifle Association support one another. According to the NRA and their members, if everyone carried a gun, the good guys would protect everyone. In fact, it would be the wild west all over again. The people who survived back then were the first to aim and shoot, whether they were saints or sinners.

The NRA has big money and power in Washington. They throw their support behind politicians who don’t support better gun control. Trump is right up their alley. He and the NRA care nothing about our kids, but everything about their own wealth.

If you are a member of the NRA, your finger is on the trigger every time an innocent American is gunned down. Maybe God can forgive you, but nobody else should.

Mary E. Hawran