Your view: A non-controversial solution to school shootings


Recent school shootings by deranged individuals have prompted a controversial and antagonistic public debate as to whether our society needs more gun laws to protect innocent people.

This debate is unnecessary because there is an off-the-shelf solution that does not require any new legislation and will actually work.

The only gun-free zones that really work are in the secure areas of airports and courthouses because entry is conditional on consent to a search for prohibited weapons.

It is not cost-effective or practical to implement TSA-style checkpoints at schools, but hotels and casinos in Las Vegas are now installing PatScan Cognitive Microwave Radar.

This security system can scan everybody who goes through a checkpoint for concealed firearms. It does not require a human operator, so the school would not have to pay additional employees to run it. It does not generate, much less store, a body image so there are no privacy concerns. Signs could be posted at the entrances to schools, similar to those at TSA checkpoints in airports, that all students, staff members, and visitors give their implied consent to this kind of search when they enter the building.

Bill Levinson

Wilkes-Barre Township