Your view: Remembering impact of religious sisters


Women of religious communities, as the Times-Leader accurately noted on June 3, have hugely impacted local lives through a full range of social services over the past two centuries.

However, it might be historically noteworthy that the Sisters of Mercy founded St. Mary’s Convent and School on Sept. 8, 1875. They opened an elementary school, an academy for girls and a night school for men working in the mines.

St. Nick’s-St.Mary’s School was established much later by the Sisters of Christian Charity when the two institutions combined due to fewer nuns and property damage after the 1972 flood.

The spirit of these trailblazing women from several religious communities continues to impact our lives as their numbers decrease.

Generous associates and volunteers now help to carry on the work of these extraordinary women.

Mary Elizabeth O’Connor

St. Mary’s High School

Class of 1955