Your view: Trash dumping on Giants Despair disgraceful


While driving up Giants Despair, I am totally disgusted by the trash that is being deposited on the sides of the road.

It appears these disgusting pigs have no regard for themselves or others. Why would you throw a television set or toilet on the side of a road? Would these people enjoy it if a TV or toilet was tossed on their front lawn?

I have seen drywall, bags upon bags of garbage,tires, empty cases of beer, grills, couches, chairs, baby walkers … and the list goes on.

How dare anyone think they can just dump their crap on this road or any road for that matter? They are destroying the environment and ruining the beauty of the area by being pigs and when they read this letter they will now who they are. Feeling proud now, are you?

Maybe taking your trash to your own curb or taking your toilets and TV’s to a place that accepts these items would be a good idea. There may be a fee for this, but get some self-respect and stop being a trash-dumping pig.

Kathy Disler

Laurel Run