Your view: EPA’s Pruitt must be held accountable


Forty-seven years ago, President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency, recognizing “clean air, clean water, and open spaces should once again be the birthright of every American.”

Since that launch of the EPA, both Republican and Democrat presidents have affirmed that environmental issues transcend politics. The pollution of our air, water and climate impacts all Americans, and everyone around the world.

President Trump has broken with that tradition by putting the protection of our environment in the hands of Scott Pruitt who seems determined on doing the opposite.

Administrator Pruitt is tearing down environmental safeguards while putting his agency at the call of industries that exist to pollute and profit. We can be sure the rest of us will pay the price in deadly smog, undrinkable water, devastated wild lands, and a drastically warming climate. The consequences are all too real and they will be felt for generations. We cannot let Pruitt’s slash-and-burn attitude toward our environment continue.

We must make sure Pruitt and President Trump are held to account, in the court of law and the court of public opinion for their assault on our environment. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) will make sure that happens. NRDC’s approach uses science and litigation to protect our land, our water and air.

Please become involved as there is a lot at stake. NRDC is shining a light on Pruitt’s extremist agenda while alerting millions of Americans to mobilize fierce opposition and hauling Pruitt into federal court whenever he threatens our environment. He is already being investigated for misappropriation of taxpayer funds for personal use.

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Patricia Marks