Your view: Making America better?

The family flees their home because of the fear of violence. They believe their only chance for safety is in America. After a cruel trip to the Mexican border with the U.S., they cross over into the land of the free and safe. They are arrested and incarcerated. Then they are separated; toddlers and infants to one location older boys to another and girls to a third location. Parents to a forth location.

Nobody is informed where the rest of the family is.

The parents are sent before a federal judge who sentences them to time served or a month or so and then deported to their home country. They are not accompanied by their children. That’s because nobody knows where the children are in the maze of holding camps for children. So now the U. S. has custody of several thousand unaccompanied children. What do we do with these children? They still belong to the families deported. Now the court has to decide to take the family apart so it can give those children away to someone else.

In the meantime these children are traumatized. The parents have been punished and will be for life. The tax payers must pay to support these children until some acceptable solution for their futures are decided. Also in the meantime the whole world is watching the “shining city on the hill” Ronald Reagan talked about which is now stealing children and using them as hostages for Trump’s border plans. Make America better? You’re kidding, right?

Ed Cole

Clarks Summit