Your view: Dress smart when biking, walking


I was encouraged to see your recent article on the four-foot rule regarding the space motorists should allow cyclists.

As a long-term bicycle rider, I would comment that the vast majority of motorists in the Back Mountain and Harveys Lake area are exceptionally courteous and considerate, and the majority of cyclists, pedestrians and runners follow the rules of the road as well.

The motorist’s job of avoiding non-motorized traffic is made more difficult by the penchant for cyclists and pedestrians to wear camouflage. Where there is light and shadow, dark structures and light ones, glaring sunlight and sunglasses and dusty windshields, why would you wear black, white and grey clothing? A dark-colored outfit that makes you feel good about yourself in the mirror is nice until it is draped over the front of an automobile because the driver didn’t see you. White is good at night but can be hard to see in daylight.

When out on the road it is most important to be visible. Glaringly bright shirts make you harder to overlook and easier to avoid. Garments that work for safety get a pass from the fashion police. If you cannot separate yourself from your need for fashion, add a white strobe light to your front and a truly obnoxious red light to your back whether you are a pedestrian or cyclist. I don’t think these are as effective as bright colored clothes in daylight. They are more effective on cloudy days and are state law after dusk on bicycles.

John Rothschild

Harveys Lake