Your view: Trump critics ignore the facts


It is noteworthy that all the critics of the President Donald Trump conveniently fail to mention how the economy has rebounded dramatically since he took office.

Thousands of jobs have been created and unemployment among minorities is at an all-time low.

A look at those who are consumed with an unrelenting hatred of Trump begins with nut case Maxine Waters, a congresswoman from California who encourages harassment of Trump supporters.

Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Sanders, was refused service in a restaurant and requires secret service protection because of threats to her safety. Democrats brag about tolerance yet it is they who are the most intolerant.

It also must be admitted that a vast majority of the media is not the least bit objective in its coverage of the president, including the Clinton News Network (CNN), MSNBC, New York Times and Washington Post.

The attendance at Trump rallies shows that his base supporters remain with him despite false claims they are uneducated dupes as the elitists imply.

Ralph Rostock