Your view: In defense of the Catholic Church


I am writing in defense of our beautiful Roman Catholic Church.

I don’t condone what has been done to our youth. Our children are precious. They are our future.

These common men who have taken the sacred vow of celibacy have not only betrayed us, they have betrayed Lord Jesus Christ and his Church. More recently, the leaders of our church have taken drastic measures to deal with these individuals in the proper manner and bring them to justice.

Please keep in mind, that sadly, it is not only the Catholic religion that has suffered from the criminal behavior by its clergy. It is rampant in all denominations.

Let’s not crucify our Lord and his Church for the second time.

Instead, bow our heads and pray for all the individuals who have been violated that they may rally back from despair and find peace. Pray for all those who held their Catholic religion close to their hearts that they may always remain faithful to our Lord and his Church. Lastly, pray that our merciful Lord will find it in his previous heart to forgive those who have, so carelessly, betrayed him and the faithful followers of his Church for whom he ultimately lived and gave his life for.

Joan Kociolek