Your view: Beware of the Democratic Socialist


The Democratic Party’s progression to democratic socialism is a clear and present danger to the country.

They want to destroy the free market system established by our founding fathers and replace it with a government-controlled system of production such as Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea, Venezuela and so on.

Read Section Two of the Democratic Socialist of America website “Where We Stand.” Socialism has killed more than a hundred million people in the last 100 years, while free enterprise has lifted more than a hundred million from poverty.

Socialism/communism are creations of Marx and Lenin. As you read the DSA website, you are reading their dogma.

“The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope,” Karl Marx said.

The leadership of the DSA has been praising communism. Don’t let them tell you that it is working in the Nordic countries such as Norway. They do have a robust social welfare system supported by very high taxes but the means of production is free enterprise without government control.

If it weren’t for free enterprise, they would not be able to support the high taxes.

Please accomplish your due diligence and read the actual history of socialism/communism and what it has destroyed. It is about to repeat itself. We are now at beginning stages of the Marx plan. Stage six is a communist dictatorship.

Stop them now by voting only for conservative candidates. Don’t be a useful idiot of the socialist/communist.

Charles Mangan