Your view: Don’t let anti-driving bills slip by


In an election year, the Pennsylvania General Assembly will foolishly try to enact multiple anti-driving bills.

If this occurs, vote them out. These bills are supported by lobbyists, special-interest groups, and others inside the revenue stream.

The worst is approving speed cameras (SB 172).

An Ohio judge called these devices three-card monte and the Maryland Drivers Alliance has a website section devoted to errors. There are stop-arm cameras (SB 1098), municipal radar (SB 251), parking violation cameras (SB 1223) and others. These bills rely upon poor engineering, predatory ticketing of safe drivers and devices that may produce errors.

Be careful whom you trust. Last year, the Philadelphia Inquirer said that some red-light cameras there had accuracy rates of 3 percent, and there is an FBI investigation into the situation.

Various sources reported more crashes after cameras were installed. Search for Radargate Revisited to see radar errors in the state and the response.

Proper engineering such as 85th percentile speed limits, longer yellow lights, the zipper merge and aligning PA school bus laws with other states are never raised.

Immediately contact your state representative, state senator and the governor to oppose the above and any anti-driving bills. Tickets should also be from real police and issued at the scene.

James Sikorski Jr.

PA Advocate National Motorists Association