Your view: Thanks to Geisinger Wyoming Valley


I want to commend and publicly thank a local medical system that helped me survive a true health crisis.

On July 21, I was transported by ambulance to Geisinger Wyoming Valley where the physicians, after a lumbar puncture test, diagnosed me with Gullian-Barre syndrome.

When I was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, I could neither stand nor use my hands. I had great difficulty in speaking and swallowing. Hour by hour my respiratory distress increased.

With days of intravenous medication and the skillful care of multiple doctors and a very dedicated nursing staff, I was stabilized in eight days, and could be moved to Geisinger South’s Rehabilitation Unit.

When I arrived on the third floor of the Geisinger South Hospital, I could not walk or even hold a fork. My secret fear was that I would never recover; little did I know that my doctor, therapist and nurses had a very different and very optimistic game plan for me. With three hours of therapy, six days a week and 24-hour nursing care, I walked out of the hospital (with my walker) 3 1/2 weeks later.

I have told my family and my friends, and will continue to tell everyone, that the Geisinger system saved my life. I always add that the “miracle” staff in the “miracle” gym enables the lame to walk!

Finally, I must say that in my almost 70 years, I have met many people; I have, however, never met until now an entire group of people with such exceptional expertise and genuine compassion.

Jacob Lisman

Retired Wilkes-Barre fire chief

Mountain Top