Your view: Time to dump the Electoral College


I read with interest and disappointment guest columnist Michael Kinsley’s view on the Electoral College.

He implies that changing or eliminating the college might open a Pandora’s Box that we may not know what will come out.

The Constitution is a living document that must be changed as we continue on in the United States. As a reminder, in addition to the first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, there have been 17 other amendments.

As we approach mid-term elections, the time has now arrived to remove one of the few flaws allowed by our Founding Fathers – the Electoral College.

Some historians believe that the Electoral College was enacted, as a safeguard, because the Founding Fathers did not think the “common” man had the ability or knowledge to elect the President of the United States. We must now remove this burden on the election process. If we are going to espouse the idea of showing the world how to live in a democratic society, we must first achieve the following lofty goal: one man/woman equals one vote.

In line with eliminating the Electoral College, we must also do away with the idiotic concept of the Super Delegate at the national conventions. Do these delegates leap tall buildings? Are they faster than a speeding bullet? This concept greatly impedes the notion of having a true democracy.

We can no longer live in a country that is controlled by Red or Blue states. We must make lobbyists spend greater amounts of money in all of the 50 states rather than just a few where they can contribute volumes of money to elect a few select candidates who will follow their agenda rather than the people.

So long as the United States maintains the Electoral College, we have at best a representative republic and not the democracy that we want to export around the world. You cannot export a product that you don’t have.

Emory Guffrovich