Your view: It’s time for term limits for legislature


Regardless what side of the political fence you sit on, it’s time for the citizens, the voters, to take charge.

The House and the Senate will never pass legislature to enforce term limits on themselves. Instead, they essentially pass bills that help them keep their sinecures. We have a responsibility to create term limits at the ballot box. Or forefathers never expected these political positions to be a lifetime career.

I suggest that anyone wanting to serve out country in Congress has the potential to serve for two six-year terms. That is a total of 12 years of service, then return to the private sector. They are eligible for 12 years of benefits and may take any of the pensions they earned and transfer them to their private IRA or retirement plan.

All benefits received during the six or 12 years of service would be terminated.

Furthermore, the presidency should be an eight-year term and done. This will eliminate the ridiculous time and money spent during the last two years of the first term campaigning to get re-elected.

Apply this principle to the Senate position in Pennsylvania. Bob Casey has served his terms. It’s time for Lou Barletta to serve.

Tim Kelly